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Welcome to Spade Research!

Spade Research is a full service market research company, specialized in the Healthcare segment. We have been empowering large and small companies to make informed decisions through market research. When it comes to healthcare, we are specialized in both primary and secondary market research. Our dedication to medical research brings profound solutions for Qualitative and Quantitative research requirements. We have an excellent reputation, known around the world for our quality and expertise in the pharmaceutical sector fieldwork activities. The quality concern in Spade Research is taken on highest priority basis as we are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company and also a proud member of PMRG & ESOMAR.

Why Spade Research?

With experience of many years in healthcare ,we have our specialised team who are focused and experienced in analysing customer expectations and the ability of your competition. Spade Research identifies and helps in understanding the critical areas of demand and advising a thoughtful direction.We have our head office in New Delhi with our presence in India, KSA, Egypt & UAE.

Spade Research can work with you to develop a key driver analysis which provides the predictive power to direct actions toward those areas with the greatest leverage to drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business performance.